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Polyfit aim to provide our clients with an integrated customer value proposition, demonstrating our capability for reliability and a commitment to the health and safety of our stakeholders, environmental sustainability and quality systems.

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Machinery Hire

Polyfit Fabrication recognises the need for companies to hire modern safe equipment quickly and conveniently. With this, Polyfit Fabrication has a number of machines available for hire.

Please see below for a detailed list of machinery available for hire including the machines main capabilities and features.
Machine Name Description
Butt Fusion Welding Machine Designed for butt-welding of pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting of Polyethylene, PP Polypropylene, PVDF Polyvinyldenfluroride as well as other Thermo-Plastic materials.
The Butt Fusion Welders can work in trenches, worksites and workshops, and is an ideal joining tool for water and gas supply pipelines.

Available for various pipe sizes, we have machines to cater for:

1000mm - 800mm              900mm - 500mm

800mm - 450mm 630mm - 355mm

500mm - 355mm                450mm - 225mm

355mm - 250mm 315mm - 160mm

250mm - 110mm 225mm - 63mm

160mm - 63mm 110mm - 32mm

Electro fusion Control Unit The Electro Fusion Control Unit is used for the welding and jointing of Electrofusion pipe fittings.
Extrusion Welding Guns Extrusion Welding Guns are designed for extrusion welding of Polyethylene, Polypropylene and other Thermo-Plastic materials.
Socket Welding Machines Designed for socket welding in the fabrication and insulation of Polyethylene tanks.

Machines available to cater for pipe sizes 15mm - 125mm.
Self Propelled Welding Machines

Used for Butt Fusion Welding of Large Pipelines, these self propelled welding machines include on board generators and tracks for moving along the pipeline to provide an all in one welding solution. Data Loggers available on request.

McElroy Tracstar T900

McElroy Tracstar T500

Generators Portable power supply. Available for 5kva, 6kva, 9kva, 18kva, 25kva and 110kva
Utility Vehicles Completely fitted out to mine specifications, the Utility Trucks are 4-wheel drive.
Flat Bed Truck
Completely fitted out to mine specifications, we have a Small 4.5 Tonne Truck with Canopy section, as well as a larger 6m flat bed truck.
Posi Track Bob Cat
Posi-Track Bob Cats are used for civil construciton and mining works. Various attachments are available for application including final trim works, backfill compaction to the movement of plates and pipes.
With a 3.5 tonne lifting capacity, Telehandlers are primarly used for the relocation of pipe and earthworks
IT Loaders Used for general earthworks with attachments for moving pipes and materials
Excavators To be used for excavations of up to 30 tonne.
Vacuum Lift To be used to lift pipe ranging from 630mm - 1000mm in diameter, used as an attachment to excavators


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